The Thirteen Symbols for the Credans or Families
Names with Symbol, Color and Purpose Requirements.


Zeus- Engineers/Planners- main engineers, decision makers.

Aphodite- Love/Pleasure- sexual connections, developers of desires.

Apollo- Arts/Culture- image-makers, developers of intellectual achievement.

Ares- War/Strategist- defence systems, planners of future explorations.

Artemis- Hunters/Nutrients- developers of food sources.

Dionysus- Enjoyment/Celebration- controllers of events and special occasions.

Hades- Wealth/Fame- to prepare for royalty, monetary keepers.

Hephaestus- Fire/ Energy- developers of energy resources, controllers of the dynamis.

Hera- Childbirth/Reproduction- population controllers, developers for a true birth.

Hermes- Flight/Space Travel- propulsions to move in space and time.

Hestia- Health/Fitness- physical condition, controllers of the rejuvenator and sukia.

Poseidon- Water/Liquid- life support Division I, controllers of the living dome.

Aether- Air/Oxygen- life support Division II, controllers of the living dome.