Vision 1
The Return

Vision 2
The Game

Vision 3
The Sapian

Vision 4
The Great Battle

Vision 5
The Revolution

Vision 6
The New Earth Utopia

The Thirteen Symbols for
The Credans

First Contact
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Vision 6
The New Earth Utopia

An Utopian paradise with all the necessities to start a new beginning. They have
learned from the past and have taken precautions so Pyramista
can never be played on their planet again.

The Earth grows smaller as you start to travel out into space. Faster
and faster, until there is total darkness. Out of the darkness a large golden door
opens and a young man enters. The young man is carrying an arm full of
books and papers as he rushes down the hallway of A Great
University. Late for his first class of the day Creation 101. As
he enters, everyone looks up and he takes his place at his
lab station. “Welcome everyone I am your substitute
instructor for today, Mr. Jones,” says Mr. Jones.
He writes his name on the board.
“I will be coming around to look at each
of your projects.” Mr. Jones says with a smile.
He, of course, goes first to the young man who
came in late.“So, have you finished your
creation project?” asks Mr. Jones.
“Yes, it is right here,” the young man says.
In a cage is a small dinosaur-like creature which
acts frightened. “What is this over here?” As he
points to a large transparent globe filled with what
looks like stars and planets. “Oh, that’s for extra
credit. It’s a game I invented. I hope everyone will
want to play.” says the young man. “Really, what is the
name of your game?” Mr. Jones asks. “Pyramista!” the
young man says with a big smile. “And what is your name?”
as he checks his clipboard.
“My name is Godiva, but my friends call me God.”

The End of The Beginning