Vision 1
The Return

Vision 2
The Game

Vision 3
The Sapian

Vision 4
The Great Battle

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The Revolution

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The New Earth Utopia

The Thirteen Symbols for
The Credans

First Contact
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Vision 1
The Return

In the rings of Saturn a Sapian space station waits.
Waiting to give the command to proceed with the final docking of two mother-ships. The massive crafts slowly make their way to dock, connect or smelten with the space station, Zeusiam. The rings are colorful and the many small space stones seem to have no effect on the station. They melt away as they hit the surface. Saturn is large and the many gases are glimmering when viewed from the station. The mother-ships are very large; about the size of a small town and over one mile long. The space station or Planatis is about ten miles long and can accommodate over two thousand Sapian. There are about one hundred Sapian aboard each mother-ship. There’s only two families, or Credans, returning to play this round of their beloved game. One thousand is the approximate number of Sapian for each Credan. There are thirteen Credans total. There’s a small group of representatives from each of the Credans present just to watch the game. They are returning to Zeusiam to play Pyramista. There’s a total of thirteen space stations, one for each Credan. Each station is named after the main Credan that occupies the station. The host Credan this time are the Zeus. Every station is in a Solar System near a planet that is playing Pyramista and this time the planet is Earth. Small crafts are leaving Mother-ships that orbit Earth. Players and members of the different Credans are buzzing around Earth, flying over all the major cities. They are excited for Pyramista to start. It has been many years since they have played the game here on Earth. They are making their way to the Great Pyramid. Deep under the Pyramid lays the Grand Chamber where Pyramista is played. The humans can not see or hear the crafts as they buzz around Earth. One craft is flying over a remote countryside when one of it’s cloaking devices fails for about ten seconds. Two humans are working in a field and see a flash of the craft.
“Did you see that?” one of humans says, looking frightened.
“I don’t know. I think is was a UFO,” says the other.
Just another UFO sighting. There’s always more sightings when the Sapian return. It doesn't’t happen often, but it’s alright because it can be used for playing Pyramista. The Credan’s playing the game this time are the Zeus and Aphrodite Credans. The Zeus Credan are the points leaders. This could be the last round and Pyramista will come to an end. As the Sapian slowly make their way to the Grand Chamber, there is great anticipation and excitement. Everyone is celebrating as the chamber fills with spectators. A craft silently rovers over the Great Pyramid and descends down into the chamber. As the craft touches the Pyramid, it seems to melt or smelten into the Pyramid.

A craft slowly passes through deep into the Grand Chamber. It is Anadronis; she is the main player for the Aphrodite Credan and as she enters the noise from the spectators increases. One more craft moves through the Pyramid, signaling the arrival of Adontris, he is the main player for the Zeus Credans. The noise grows louder as he moves his craft into place next to Anadronis. The crowd goes wild with excitement. The Grand Chamber arena is full with crafts lining the inner walls. Adontris and Anadronis's crafts are positioned down in front of the playing field. Large projected holographic images appear all around the players, showing the humans in their everyday lives from different angles and in different settings. As the Council member umpires take their
place on both sides of the field, the crowd starts chatting,
“Pyramista! Pyramista!”
A loud humming noise signals the start of the game. Anadronis is the first to make a move and the crowd roars. Everyone waits as her move is calculated and then more cheers erupt. They must physically return somewhere on the planet so the moves can be calculated. A calculation is set by making a human react to a command made by the player. Adontris makes his move and another roar comes from the crowd. There is a large flash. Something has interrupted and stopped the game. The projection goes blank and the crowd falls silent. “You all know this has happened before and we are still working on figuring out the cause.” the Council Leader Tritrona calls out. The Sapian don’t speak. Every Sapian has an implant which allows them to hear the thoughts of their fellow Sapian.
“Ana, what is going on?” asks Adontris.
“I don’t know, Adon, but every time it happens it alters the course of the game,” Anadronis replies.
After a short period, the projection appears and the game can start again. Both sides have made a move and there is another loud humming noise. The round is over. The crafts slowly start moving through the walls of the Pyramid. They are all returning to the space station, Zeusiam, for a great celebration in the Grand Recreation Dome to watch as the players moves unfold on hologram images. The Credan Dionysus, controllers of enjoyment have organized a celebration party. Sapian from all Credans will be celebrating. Adontris and Anadronis will be treated like royalty, as they deserve.

As the small crafts and Mother-ships return to Zeusiam, they enter into their designated space and become a part of that space. They seem to blend or melt right into the space they occupy. It is a process they call smelten. Adontris and Anadronis arrive at their living quarters at the same time, and smelten into their space. They are excited for the results of Pyramista to be calculated. They are a couple and are campaigning for the next chosen ones for childbearing. The mating and reproduction process is a very systematic procedure. It is controlled by two of the Credan families, the Aphrodite and the Hera Credans. The Aphrodite Credans are the controllers of love and pleasure. Anadronis is their main player and current Leader. Adontris is the Leader for the Zeus Credans, who are the controllers of engineering. All Sapian are scientific engineers, and the Zeus make all final engineering decisions. The Hera Credans are the controllers of childbirth and reproduction. Reproduction of a true Sapian has been very difficult from the beginning of time. That is why there are so few true Sapian. Any Sapian female can become pregnant. When a Sapian female becomes pregnant, she has twins; a male and a female. The male becomes a member of his father’s Credan and female her mothers. There has been a decision by the Great Council to try to have another true Sapian child. The male and female Sapian who become the next childbearing couple will become famous among all of Sapian and have royalty status. The next couple is decided by popular vote by all Sapian. There is a campaign or race by different couples to become the next Chosen Ones. Adontris and Anadronis are becoming a very popular couple with their playing of Pyramista. They are the most likely to be the next childbearing couple. They are both playing
Pyramista and the game is coming to an end, and the Credan that wins will
become the next ruling Credan.
“Adon, how do you think we are doing?” Anadronis says as they enter the living space.
"I have a good feeling Ana; one of us will win, and that should seal our chances.” Adontris replies as he walks over to connect with or make physical contact with Ana. Implants so they can hear the thoughts of other Sapian. Thought Receiving Communication Chip Implants. Communication devices controlled my thoughts. Using brainwaves, they can set the device to speak to one Sapian or to many at one time by controlling the sending and receiving. Through the thought process, they can control all the devices they have developed over all these many years.
“I am going to cleanse before we leave,” Anadronis says as she walks over to her rejuvenator.
“Yes, I will to. I want to be fresh for the big celebration,” says Adontris excitedly. They must rejuvenate their bodies and their Sukia or body suit by being placed in the rejuvenating chamber. The rejuvenator restores all the living cells in the body and rebuilds any damaged ones. It replenishes the Sukia with all the life supporting necessities. They can go long periods of time without rejuvenating; about three months. It doesn't take much time to complete the process; only about ten minutes. It is like what sleep is to humans. So a Sapian can be awake for long periods of time, which makes them very productive with lots of leisure time to play Pyramista. The Sukia lets them do many wonderful things using pure technologies. All life support is built into the Sukia, Self Contained Universal Life Support Apparatus. Built in packs all throughout with a main pack on their back. Breathing tubes that connect to they nose and mouth when needed. Nutrients and water pumped through tubes directly into their bodies. They can remove the Sukia for relaxing and for mating purposes. There is a color and symbol associated with each Credan. They can change their Sukia color at will and usually keep their own Credan color showing most of the time, depending on their mood or event. Their Credan symbol, patch, or brand is on their left chest. On their back is the Pyramista design with all the Credans symbols and colors. If a Sapian is a Leader of their Credan, they have a special symbol on their right chest.
The thirteen Credans are what the Greek Gods were named.
Zeus: Engineers/Planners, main engineers and decision makers.
Aphrodite: Love/Pleasure, sexual connections and developers of desires.
Hera: Childbirth/Reproduction, population controllers and developers for a true birth.
Apollo: Arts/Culture, image makers and developers of intellectual achievement.
Ares: War/Strategist, defense systems and planners of future explorations.
Artemis: Hunters/Nutrients, developers of food sources.
Dionysus: Enjoyment/Celebration, controllers of events and special occasions.
Hades: Wealth/Fame, to prepare for royalty and monetary keepers.
Hephaestus: Fire/Energy, to develop energy resources, controllers of the dynamis.
Hermes: Flight/Space Travel, propulsions to move in space and time.
Hestia: Health/Fitness, developers of the rejuvenators and the Sukia.
Poseidon: Water/Liquid, life support, Division I, controllers of the living dome.
Aether: Air/Oxygen, life support, Division II, controllers of the living dome.


Vision 2
The Game